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Casa de Quesada Winery

Located at 1,970 meters above sea level, in the Santa María de Gallardo Valley in Aguascalientes, with a privileged orientation and climate for the vine´s development; a calcareous and stony land that contains a moderate layer of fertile soil, very high in nutrients and minerals that expresses very distinctively in our wines, giving them great structure and personality. A family project carried out with love and dedication, committed to achieve the highest quality wines in small batches and limited volumes. Located just 20 minutes from Aguascalientes city, the winery and vineyards can be visited to enjoy a good meal with the best wines and an unbeatable view of the vineyards over the valley, framed by the characteristic hills of the state.


The climate in the Santa María de Gallardo Valley is harsh for the vine in many ways, the sun is very intense during the day, raising temperatures, heating the soil surface, thickening the skins of the grapes and increasing sugars. The nights are cool, even cold, the average* daily drop in temperature is 15 to 20 ºC(F), even during winter. This great thermal amplitude is what allows the development of the highest quality grapes, since the grapes will preserve the color, bouquet, sugars and acidity, maturing in a more uniform and optimal way.

Water is scarce throughout the year and the rainy season supplies enough water to provide the plant with the necessary reserves to generate small, highly concentrated grapes.


The soil at the Santa María de Gallardo Valley is very particular, it is a combination of calcareous soil, and rocky towards the surface, which helps keep the heat outside, and deeper, clay and sand, which gives it color, body, minerality and allows optimal maturation. The land is on the slope of the valley and ends at the foot of the Chicalote River, which avoids supersaturation of water during the rainy season and helps to keep the roots healthy.

Our Winery

In our winery we have the most modern equipment, which allows us to carry out the highest quality processes under the strictest standards. However, many of our processes are highly artisanal since all our wines are made in small volumes, which allows us to maintain a high attention and care. We have carefully and meticulously selected variety of barrels from the most exclusive cooperages, which allows us to give our wines extraordinary wood profiles. Our mission is always to seek excellence through perfection, continuous improvement and innovation, putting quality first, taking risks that few would be willing to take, to produce year after year, constantly, wines that surprise and exceed the highest expectations.

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