Indómito Syrah Viognier

91% Syrah  9% Viognier

Information about this parcel in the vineyard

These varieties are planted in an area that ranges from the highest land, where the poorest soils are found, with greater minerality and temperature, to the lower land where the soil is richer and more fertile, granting lustiness, fruitiness and a slower maturation. This combination of soils provides a lot of complexity and diversity of aromas and flavors, and achieves a balance between maturity and freshness. The plantation is located in the Santa María de Gallardo Valley in Aguascalientes, on a slope facing east, where the vines enjoy the morning and afternoon sun, with cool climates at night and hot but dry during the day. The particular soils are sandy loam, with a large quantity of calcareous stone.

Vine training, Handling and Harvesting

Trellis driving system, which takes more advantage of the natural orientation of the vineyard and facilitates its care and management. The harvest is done by hand, with the first rays of the sun, selecting only healthy and well-ripe bunches. Using boxes with a maximum of 15 kg (33 pounds) to avoid breaking the grapes and for them to start fermenting early.

Grapes are harvested only when phenols are fully matured, which are the most valuable components found in the seeds and peels, and also the sugars and acids located mainly in the pulp.


Selection of grapes manually after destemming. Fermentation in barrels and stainless-steel tank. Second fermentation (malolactic) in barrels. Aging in French oak and American oak barrels for 16 months. 10% aging on lees with bâtonnage 3 times a week for six months.
Decant and serve at a temperature of 16°C. (°F)

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